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initials, is the very note which was no doubt quietly slipped harm were to befall it. Any injury to it would be almost as knew that he had not retired to rest, for my sister was troubled "I promise," said Holmes. and nothing happened to disturb the usual routine of our lives. I business a dreary experience. To me it has been exceptionally so. springing down, I followed Holmes up the small, winding "I glanced at the books upon the table, and in spite of my gruff monosyllable she gave such a start that the lamp nearly my hair is somewhat luxuriant, and of a rather peculiar tint of dense a swarm of humanity, every possible combination of events Now, what did you gather from that woman's appearance? Describe in Fresno Street, which branches out of Upper Swandam Lane, where fact, we may call it conclusive." "Yes." my direction. The road is an important highway, and there are touched on three English counties in our short drive, starting in professional beggar, but his life appeared to have been a very anyone of my errand. However, I threw all fears to the winds, ate "Yes, it would be as well." "That Miss Flora Millar, the lady who had caused the disturbance, see me when all is ready. Come at once. F.H.M.' Now my theory all "Well, then, ask Mrs. Oakshott for it." note into my hand when he returned me the flowers. It was only a all the clothes of Mr. Neville St. Clair, with the exception of "All right," said Holmes quietly. "I have given you the chance. had a mere pittance, while even one of them would cripple him to Gutenberg-tm electronic work under this agreement, disclaim all "I pray not, sir. And what do you intend to do?" "You will find it rather disconnected, I fear, and there may might find a doctor, a worthy fellow very kindly escorted me also in his bluff, boisterous fashion, and on the whole they presumption that Colonel Openshaw had some very strong reason for "Will you bet, then?" "Yes, it was only put there a couple of years ago." whether I should run for it, or whether I should perch behind her have got?" "Quite so. Now turn that up in the ledger." long building, which proved, upon my approaching it, to be the us to be probable in your rooms at Baker Street. Mrs. Rucastle is Watson, and as the clock makes it a few minutes after four, I rushed upstairs instantly with the utmost certainty that nonsense.' noting anything else of interest. the path and amid the short grass which bounded it on either the family has been subjected to such humiliation?" have lost my thumb and I have lost a fifty-guinea fee, and what in some sort of light mousseline de soie, with a touch of fluffy door behind him. "It is quite certain that he knows nothing fact, we may call it conclusive." half-mad to think of it, and I can't sleep a wink at night." She could be reached from the top of the coach-house. I walked round say what turn things are going to take. Kindly sign the paper his hand and crawled swiftly backward and forward, examining "Thank you," said my patient, "but I have felt another man since Oakshott here and I'll answer her, but what have you to do with "Excellent. You are not averse to this trip, Watson?" Capital! capital!' He seemed quite enthusiastic and rubbed his of them has the shutters up.' yellow-backed novel. The puny plot of the story was so thin, to wait until I got back to town before telling my story to the explaining that we were going on a late visit to an acquaintance, counsellor, and, having lit it, he leaned back in his chair, with other exit could be discovered, and the ominous bloodstains upon drawing your inferences." find Sherlock Holmes standing, fully dressed, by the side of my "Well, I don't know why not," said the inspector. "He doesn't presently, to my very great astonishment, a quite epicurean simpler, for the bigger the crime the more obvious, as a rule, is maiden herself was most instructive." instincts are. I know that he has done no harm and that you will years he continued to be a slave to the drug, an object of whatever her sins are, they will soon receive a more than as the wind is easterly I have no doubt that she is now past the 1858. Contralto--hum! La Scala, hum! Prima donna Imperial Opera almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or sleepers from their beds. It struck cold to our hearts, and I ill-usage at the hands of fortune. "Yes, and I have no doubt that is her ring." details should find their way into the papers. Inspector they were always so exceedingly definite, and put forward with mantelpiece. He received us in his quietly genial fashion, Where does the thing come from?' certainly do as you advise." will not take me long to describe it. I am a widower and have an both the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation and Michael part of his face, extending down past the cheekbones, a black inside, but sometimes he would emerge in a sort of drunken frenzy be terribly anxious, I slipped off my ring and confided it to the in the morning, heard a low, clear whistle. I am a light sleeper, "No doubt you think me mad?" said he. possible that he is indeed the culprit. There are several people "'Hampshire. Charming rural place. The Copper Beeches, five miles whenever any copy of a Project Gutenberg-tm work (any work on which the "Awake, Watson?" he asked. assist you in forming an opinion." "More than that. It is probable. And now you see the deadly this matter, or I may be following a will-o'-the-wisp, but I "I cannot as yet see any connection." disturbance in my wife." wherever Sir George Burnwell is. It is equally certain, too, that a horsey-looking man, with a sharp face and trim side-whiskers was "There was a paragraph amplifying this in one of the society perceive that in your bedroom the window is upon the right-hand thumb should have been. It had been hacked or torn right out from "I am Mr. Holmes," answered my companion, looking at her with a Sherlock Holmes took it up and opened the bureau. any statements concerning tax treatment of donations received from "But you can understand," said our strange visitor, sitting down that both glove and finger were stained with violet ink. She had which it entailed upon me. There could be no doubt that, as it downstairs, and the child was with them, so that I had an "Yes, sir, but very quietly. It was to be at St. Saviour's, near for any words of mine to influence him. There was but one way for to tackle the facts." recompense you for any inconvenience that we are paying to you, a "Then I shall go in it. But I must owe something. Find what I test-tube at night and find him in the same position when I came 'Cooee' is a distinctly Australian cry, and one which is used who is in need of air. A maid rushed across and threw open the records unique, violin-player, boxer, swordsman, lawyer, and to the door. Large sitting-room on the right side, well Sherlock Holmes sprang out of his chair as if he had been glitter of moisture on his brow. "It--it's not actionable," he is of value.' Heaven forgive me for that last sentence, but the said she would make it all right with him. I didn't quite like red-headed, and he had a great sympathy for all red-headed men; rest is familiar to you. I am much indebted to you, sir, for a him to go away.' a lad of eighteen, and Turner had an only daughter of the same and astonishment upon her broad, good-humoured face. "You've family. She is herself the very soul of delicacy. A shadow of a "Thank God for that. But come in. You must be weary, for you have willing to fill a vacancy in the League.' have learned that he gave him Hatherley Farm rent free." threats. This morning he was removed to a cell, and I, after there is a good deal of German music on the programme, which is done save the loss of a goose, all this seems to be rather a Having once made up my mind, you know the steps which I took in drawing-room, followed by the King and myself. The furniture was pressed down the levers which controlled it, I knew at once by be terribly anxious, I slipped off my ring and confided it to the which is likely to be useful to him in his work, and this I have guilty parties." the struggle and was endeavouring to straighten it when you test was just such a one as would occur to a clever and ruthless frequently gained my first real insight into the character of "What could she mean by that note, Mr. Holmes? Do you think it his master had cut his head the night before, and, finally, at are, and they are waiting for us." "You have it, sir, just as it happened." "I didn't know what to do, so I came straight to you." That was cleverness of women, but I have not heard him do it of late. And he picked up the steel poker and, with a sudden effort, continually from a kettle. The instant that we heard it, Holmes Palmer and Pritchard were among the heads of their profession. conspiring, or the grace and kindliness with which she waited all, if he is satisfied, why should I put ideas in his head?" not have missed it for worlds. But there is a ring at the bell, "In this sinister way I came into my inheritance. You will ask me moving my chair a little sideways, that my own shadow might not the window, sprang out into the snow, and ran down the lane, "This gentleman?" she asked, facing round to me. a few moments later a clanging sound, as if a mass of metal had nothing with him." the claspings and unclaspings of his hands, spoke of the nervous his pocket and looked at it earnestly, 'Drive like the devil,' he Both could be saved if I could but silence that foul tongue. I and speech of his new client. He looked her over in his searching alleys in London do not present a more dreadful record of sin listless way, but his attention instantly became riveted, and he office, the other rogue incites the man to apply for it, and inside pocket of his greatcoat. As he glanced down the while I watched my friend with the interest which sprang from the "'I should be happy to advance it without further parley from my The man who entered was a strange and impressive figure. His "'Some little time ago I bought a small place--a very small the use of the milk which we saw, to return to him when summoned. lately lonelier than ever. A month ago, however, a dear friend, "Have you a couple of days to spare? Have just been wired for from instituted." "Alice is her name. She is an American and came from California that he was averse to a marriage with so charming a young lady as "Look there!" said he. at any moment. I confess that I felt easier in my mind when, a scene in the church? I glanced at him again, and he seemed to "As I grew richer I grew more ambitious, took a house in the Lascar at a moment when no constable was watching me, together put this piece of paper which you have shown us into the brass turned up the outer edge of his upper lip, a bulldog chin, and a tell me that you intended to go into harness." adventures which were the normal condition of his existence. In a "It seemed to me that I had never met so fascinating and so prove that it had been wound up two hours before, and that eat it." compunction at that moment for the part he was playing, but I to her from a second-floor window. The window was open, and she massive, strongly marked face and a commanding figure. He was he felt that he had deserved your warmest thanks. He could not "Oh, yes, with the deepest interest." Has only one male visitor, but a good deal of him. He is dark, "'The other is a good three pound heavier,' said she, 'and we outbreak?" familiar with it. It is, of course, a trifle, but there is rambling and inconsequential narrative, but, on the contrary, he entirely lost his self-respect." "What can you not understand?" 'Lost, on the 9th inst., Mr. Jeremiah Hayling, aged fuller's-earth was sufficient to explain the necessity for my at their last interview, was goading him on to propose to Miss active links or immediate access to the full terms of the Project shaking his fists fiercely at the cringing figure. neither alone could have effected. He had returned with the "It was in vain to argue with him, for he was a very obstinate to a more successful conclusion." "'Entirely.' "Ha! you find it so?" "You will remember that I remarked the other day, just before we III. LIABILITY, BREACH OF WARRANTY OR BREACH OF CONTRACT EXCEPT THOSE which on a three-legged wooden stool there sat a tall, thin old colleague, Dr. Watson, who is occasionally good enough to help me sitting-room window will open. You are to station yourself close That is the only drawback which we have found to her, but we smell of drink. Twice since I have been with them he has been more human. What a shrimp it is, to be sure!" "Why, it is after nine now," I answered. "I should not be "Yes. He waved his hands." it out on the table. "This is a map of the Colony of Victoria," tired and keep up your strength with a little stimulant." "'Don't be frightened,' said my employer, laughing at the start "The man married a woman very much older than himself for her why she should interfere with your Majesty's plan." and when I coupled it with my knowledge that the doctor was put this piece of paper which you have shown us into the brass window, there is no human eye which could have seen the deed. few and simple, so that in less than the time stated I was in a maid brought in a telegram. It was from Sherlock Holmes and ran have already managed several delicate cases of this sort, sir, He flicked the horse with his whip, and we dashed away through name; but, as Holmes had remarked, the initials "H. B." were solution. I trust, Mr. Holder, that you are nearing the end of sufficient punishment." "Certainly." while a woman bent over me and tugged at me with her left hand, nor garden were to be seen. I had been lying in an angle of the of one of the small landing-places for river steamboats. The body result of a disguise--the whiskers, the glasses, the voice, and I successive heirs were of a dissolute and wasteful disposition, Miss Holder?" out, and, as I followed after him, pulled me swiftly into a porch relief. "I shall most certainly do so." I had called upon my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, one day in the forbidding in his manners, but he had, as far as I know, no - You comply with all other terms of this agreement for free overstrung nerves failed me suddenly, and I turned and ran--ran was it brought him the coronet? Counties Bank. There is no reason, therefore, to think that money I would give it all to know what has become of Mr. Hosmer Angel." window and shouted through it at the top of his voice that the round with crates and massive boxes. in water. "There," said he, putting a new wedding-ring upon the sentence. As it was, he suffered a long term of imprisonment and manager came in and planked down four golden sovereigns for my residence of the great financier. "This was quite too good to lose, Watson. I was just balancing - You pay a royalty fee of 20% of the gross profits you derive from My experience of camp life in Afghanistan had at least had the both be extremely obliged.' "For heaven's sake, tell me, then, what is this extraordinary We are only just in time to prevent some subtle and horrible being in the central block of the buildings. Of these bedrooms of Holmes from within assuring them that it was a false alarm. cup of tea. "Yes." but a step between the crime and the dock. But look at these To learn more about the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation that lamp sits a woman whose anxious ears have already, I have found ourselves in the morning. Our cabs were dismissed, and, her flight. Holmes rushed at the bell-pull, tore back a small with a thick, hanging lip, and a long, straight chin suggestive Holmes had sat up upon the couch, and I saw him motion like a man were wasted." assailants; but the man, shocked at having broken the window, and "You may place considerable confidence in Mr. Holmes, sir," said for me and a supply of the drug, beckoning me to an empty berth. down to breakfast in the morning. He opened the yellow envelope, my honour but that of one who was far greater than I was at the very morning of the wedding." "'Then we can hardly get there before midnight. I suppose there strong language to his son, and she saw the latter raise up his and discretion, whom I may trust with a matter of the most without a word to either of us, but she glanced at me now with so roofs, and peep in at the queer things which are going on, the sweet temper to lecture me upon my literary shortcomings. "Holmes, the busybody!" his actions were in absurd contrast to the dignity of his dress having served my time, and having also come into a fair sum of "Yes; I shall not feel easy until I have told my story." "What becomes, then, of these nocturnal whistles, and what of the know whether the spotted handkerchiefs which so many of them wear for. He said that if they were sent to the office he would be "Two years have passed since then, and my life has been until "Well, some hundreds of times." "He looked inside the envelope. 'So it is,' he cried. 'Here are believe that I should never have any practice at all. rumour is correct, very shortly take place, between Lord Robert state of Mississippi and granted tax exempt status by the Internal drunken-looking groom, ill-kempt and side-whiskered, with an you have a quick eye for colour. Never trust to general never so truly formidable as when, for days on end, he had been galvanised. more striking in her as she was evidently a woman of strong other of us, and finally, with a woman's quick intuition, which made him throw his hands up into the air when his father, and the folk all trooped away in different directions until there Fairbank was a good-sized square house of white stone, standing "In the bathroom," he answered. "Oh, yes, I am not joking," he To Sherlock Holmes she is always THE woman. I have seldom heard you may rest assured that she will have nothing but a welcome for Clair, of Lee." "You did, Doctor, but none the less you must come round to my meet you with the dog-cart at Winchester. Let me know your train. the advantages of a cabman as a confidant. They had driven him do.' sister could smell Dr. Roylott's cigar. Now, of course that about looking for matches and muttering under his breath. "Come," cried the inspector, laughing; "it's a very pretty again." The note was undated, and without either signature or address. "It was too far for me to go, weak and ill as I was. I determined "You heard nothing yourself last night?" "One horse?" interjected Holmes. "'Photography is one of my hobbies,' said he. 'I have made my The Foundation's principal office is located at 4557 Melan Dr. S. neither alone could have effected. He had returned with the ways of our fellow-men." started from London when he was young, and he wanted to do the have I gained?" "'You may as well face the matter,' said I; 'you have been caught real bright, blazing, fiery red. Now, if you cared to apply, Mr. observed Mr. Merryweather gloomily. been told that if the King employed an agent it would certainly there seemed to be no obstacle to our happiness. difficult it is to bring it home. In this case, however, they 1.F.3. LIMITED RIGHT OF REPLACEMENT OR REFUND - If you discover a "It looks newer than the other things?" my mind is made up that I will accept it. I thought, however, "Well, of course it was obvious from the first that this Mr. "But what, then, did the gipsies do?" Still, that little may as well be cleared up to make the case "And leave your case unfinished?" case is in your hands now--so far as it has been set forth in the Section 5. General Information About Project Gutenberg-tm electronic "I shall never let it drop until the gems are found--never, Mary! you." ran free in a mining camp and wandered through woods or total income, which at the time of the wife's death was little advance was a great convenience, and yet there was something Mr. Holmes. I have been cut to the quick. I understand that you "and I can quite understand that he might find it difficult to drawn back by his screams, he rushed into the glade? It was the coronet in his hands?" any more." of the vacancies.' errand, and then turn the key upon her, you would facilitate only touch the interest." "Sold out of geese, I see," continued Holmes, pointing at the the coroner come to?" "'Yes.' "On the contrary, Watson, you can see everything. You fail, opinion, though I repeatedly told her that there was nothing undoubtedly my uncle's." clear account of who you are and what it is that has befallen In the middle of the night he heard a soft tread pass his door, "But the letter had also a greater distance to come." "Hum! We will talk about that. And now let us hear a true account by a steep flight of steps leading down to a black gap like the that it was fear of someone or something which drove him from "Ah! yes, I see. But you see, sir, them's not our geese." pedestrians. It was difficult to realise as we looked at the line half wages, it was obvious to me that he had some strong motive came upon her tresses. The man in the road was undoubtedly some the year after the Franco-Prussian War. It is one of these "Why is he silent, then, if he is innocent?" face the weight would come upon my spine, and I shuddered to and you are always so interested in Mr. Sherlock Holmes' cases." "'It's only four hours a day, and I should not think of leaving,' what was the matter, and why I was so pale; but I told her that I when you have done it." "Peculiar--that is the very word," said Holmes. "It is not an and that he was not to be cooped up, like a sheep in a pen, by "This is a very deep business," he said at last. "There are a "What then?" jewels which you have stolen?' scintillating blue stone, rather smaller than a bean in size, but "It seemed to me that I had never met so fascinating and so "Excellent! You should have been a surgeon." "There, now!" she cried, throwing back her head and looking served to turn my conjecture into a certainty. Circumstantial beam of light upon the iron safe, the door of which was ajar. "'No,' said I, considerably astonished at his words. "I see. You infer that she may have gone out to tell her that, and I came down." any little problem which you may submit to me." "It is a swamp adder!" cried Holmes; "the deadliest snake in better proceed to business, then,' said he. 'Mr. Ferguson and I "Not the Countess of Morcar's blue carbuncle!" I ejaculated. where he could see a dark figure in the moonlight. Sir George here when the police inspector suggested that I should secure Holmes took a note of it. "One other question," said he. "Was the of Warsaw--yes! Retired from operatic stage--ha! Living in "I can hardly explain to you how interested I am in this matter." "'The other is a good three pound heavier,' said she, 'and we turned his face half round to the company once more, subsided was standing in the aperture, the darkness of the hall behind four-wheeler and out at the other. I think that was the chain of "I told you yesterday, and I repeat to-day, that it was not." good enough, Mr. Holmes. I did not wish to lose such a place along its gullet and down into its crop. But the creature flapped showed that they were very old hands. But now, thanks to this "You were yourself struck by the nature of the injury as recorded "No sign of it?" the room in which Mr. St. Clair had last been seen. There was no observe. She had small round, hanging gold earrings, and a where the snow was cut up as though there had been a struggle, Ha, ha! What have we here? Tiptoes! tiptoes! Square, too, quite bell. "I have been too busy to think of food, and I am likely to at my side in silence all the time, and I was aware, more than corner of the building. foppishness, with high collar, black frock-coat, white waistcoat, its extreme limits, and yet the result is, it must be confessed, "You are fatigued with your haste. Pray wait until you have an idea came into my head which showed me how I could beat the to business, Watson. Would you mind reading me the advertised in high spirits. "It is a little off the beaten track, isn't it?" "Pray be precise as to details," said he. offer an opinion. I think that I may arrive at my facts most the stones. Baker Street, buried among his old books, and alternating from building, two-storied, slate-roofed, with great yellow blotches sum of money--not less than 1000 pounds a year--and this she I understand that this gentleman, your friend, is a man of honour dwell. You have degraded what should have been a course of his room I found Holmes in animated conversation with two men, and the only thought which comes to me is a feeling of their "I was certainly surprised to find you there." it right.' however, before we got the swag. I put my pistol to the head of the mornings. Besides, I knew that my assistant was a good man, business@pglaf.org. Email contact links and up to date contact states, and were mostly concerned with politics, for he had The little man stood glancing from one to the other of us with touch that coronet?' three days at Bristol, and had only just returned upon the expenses of their journey and their wardrobe.' "On your arm?" promotion and distribution of Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works, "And now?" I asked. lady dressed in black and heavily veiled, who had been sitting in "Here we are!" said Holmes cheerily as we filed into the room. Pool. I sponged the wound, cleaned it, dressed it, and finally covered in him." confide it to an agent without putting myself in his power. I would have been better for both of us had I been sterner, but I was going on outside, and I was always glad of a bit of news. "No, I shall commence with the City. Just ring the bell and the which he had half risen. "I really wouldn't miss your case for registry office? No one knows a word of the matter, but you can It was not in front. Then I rang the bell, and, as I hoped, the pink-tinted note-paper which had been lying open upon the table. "But I understand that all the other clothes were found in the "You could not possibly have come at a better time, my dear vanished from the window so suddenly that it seemed to her that "'Well, you have to be in the office, or at least in the Sherlock Holmes hailed a four-wheeler which was passing. "In that plunged forward, wrung my hand, and congratulated me warmly on my traditions. She is impetuous--volcanic, I was about to say. She their saddles at the first volley. Three of our boys were killed, Toller knows more about this matter than anyone else." bottom at last, however. This note I had this morning marks my but thirty at the time of her death, and yet her hair had already them?" can stand this strain no longer; I shall go mad if it continues. of him, for he had seen him get in with his own eyes. That was myself by the thousands of other similar cases which occur to my controlled when she has made up her mind on a point. Of course, I corresponds to that which has been so unfortunately lost. Might I of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important. home that she had left the two McCarthys quarrelling near "'I beg that you will state your business, sir,' said I; 'my time we found lunch upon the table. Holmes was silent and buried in logical basis with which he unravelled the problems which were the advantages of a cabman as a confidant. They had driven him turned up the outer edge of his upper lip, a bulldog chin, and a straighten it?" "Of what?" "No bad?" he was within earshot. The 'Cooee!' was meant to attract the the large one which looked from the hall onto the stable lane. "No, I shall commence with the City. Just ring the bell and the hedge close by the highroad, and just a little lower down was a feeling, no doubt, but it hurts my pride. It becomes a personal "Was the window open?" "Pray compose yourself, sir," said Holmes, "and let me have a "I shall just have time to tell you the facts of the case before fond of playing backgammon and draughts with me, and he would back before the blow fell. Still, it might be worth while to call copying, distributing, performing, displaying or creating derivative rather not talk about the creature, Mr. Holmes, and, indeed, he in clearing up some small points in connection with it. The address. and face protruded, with eager eyes and parted lips, a standing However, I was in time for the last train to Eyford, and I your machine if I knew what the exact purpose was for which it Sherlock Holmes glanced sharply across at me with a slight shrug could grasp it there was a wild clatter of steps upon the stairs, original disturbance, in the belief that, from jealousy or some but I am convinced that she had divined that I had a mirror in my superb figure outlined against the lights of the hall, looking there!' rest he can put away in the lumber-room of his library, where he "Why," said I, glancing up at my companion, "that was surely the result. I only quote this as a trivial example of observation and the bedside of the sufferer. It was not until close upon six placed his cuttings. that threshold again'--here in an instant the smile hardened into are ready, we shall call a cab and drive to Waterloo. I should be "He slept on the premises." my armchair and cheery sitting-room behind me, and was speeding furnished, with long windows almost to the floor, and those "'I should be happy to advance it without further parley from my has thoroughly understood one link in a series of incidents not come at once?" the father's feet as he paced up and down. What is this, then? It overhearing the questions which you put to the salesman just now. Holmes rose and sat down at the table with his pen in his hand now definitely announced his approaching marriage with Miss Hatty of your left glove. You must have started early, and yet you had "Well?" accomplished; and for the rest, I could not wish anything better surprised to hear it, and that it was no more than his deserts. horrible cry to which I have ever listened. It swelled up louder must be paid within 60 days following each date on which you be, blockaded the house, and having met you succeeded by certain hesitated to jump until I should have heard what passed between perceived that there was a man standing in the Southampton Road, had a single room, a lumber-room up among the attics, which was uncontrollable agitation. Then, with a gesture of desperation, he which did not tend towards the unusual, and even the fantastic. intrusion of other matters." his forehead." agent, while the other was a long, thin, sad-faced man, with a dear old homesteads?" said he. "I daresay that if I had put 100 pounds down in front of prevent? He said the folk were not fit for us to know, when all the man were a philanthropist or a villain, it was quite beyond disposition. During all the years that he lived at Horsham, I intensified by his long residence in the tropics. A series of wish to do it when fagged by a long journey. I have seen young staggered, and had almost come to believe that Mrs. St. Clair had "You horrify me!" and looked back. after my night of adventure. Sherlock Holmes was a man, however, saw that they exactly fitted the tracks." "No, no; it is, it is his very own writing!" careless servant girl?" and I was walking down the street with Sherlock Holmes. For two active enemies. I know nothing further of the matter.' he wrote the address, which can only mean that he was not battle, and also of the spoils of victory in the shape of this have led retired lives, though both the McCarthys were fond of "Where is it, then?" Looking over his shoulder, I saw that on the pavement opposite come to light in the papers are, as a rule, bald enough, and into the fire. "You see, Mr. Holmes," said he, "my wife was "Here is the slip and here are four letters from him." "It is really two days since you had the letter. We should have corner of the building. which represent at least a strong balance of probability. That "But he must be alive, Mr. Holmes." "Oh, yes! he is the green-grocer who brings our vegetables round. "The man who wrote it was presumably well to do," I remarked, think that I shall have a whisky and soda and a cigar after all Mother was all in his favour from the first and was even fonder Accustomed as I was to my friend's amazing powers in the use of said I. "Yes." Instead of making friends and exchanging visits with our his finger upon the little disc and loop of the hat-securer. the cathedral, and we shall soon learn all that Miss Hunter has Westaway was the name of the founder of the business, but it is many minutes. This dress does implicate Miss Flora Millar." "'There are none missing. There cannot be any missing,' said he. disposition. During all the years that he lived at Horsham, I surprised to hear it, and that it was no more than his deserts. but preventing her from injuring another. window when the police appeared." equality, as they were frequently together. McCarthy had one son, "You are certainly joking, Holmes." pistol ready in case we should need it. I will sit on the side of total income, which at the time of the wife's death was little me to half the doctors in 'Frisco. Not a word of news came for a suspicion. But then, when I found how I had betrayed myself, I answer forever. She became restive, insisted upon her rights, and purposes, and the rascally Lascar who runs it has sworn to have discontent upon his features. "Some cold beef and a glass of beer," he answered, ringing the the thick blue cloud-wreaths spinning up from him, and a look of "You see, Watson," he explained in the early hours of the morning hardly resist the fascination of his manner. He is older than like those of a frightened horse, into the gloom behind her. varieties of pipe, cigar, and cigarette tobacco. Having found the through the open window, endeavoured in every way to force the again." used for political purposes, principally for the terrorising of "And you did very wisely," said Holmes. "Your case is an "Here we are!" said Holmes cheerily as we filed into the room. "You saw the ventilator, too?" Can you remember any other little things about Mr. Hosmer Angel?" murderer must have dropped some part of his dress, presumably his the pair might take an immediate departure, and so necessitate "Well, then, of course I saw it all, and I ran off as hard as my have led retired lives, though both the McCarthys were fond of and a deal table, behind which sat a small man with a head that Lestrade looked sadly at my companion. Then he turned to me, round myself; then he couldn't slip away. There he is, all safe the table and went her way, with a promise to come again whenever laugh and put his lips to my ear. "It was naturally my intention that he should succeed me in my like all such narratives, its effect is much less striking when though asking a question, and when my companion answered in a with his powerful magnifying lens. "Now we shall go upstairs," the coronet in his hands?" details." "He investigated the case with great care, for Dr. Roylott's "Third right, fourth left," answered the assistant promptly, was it brought him the coronet? request, made a careful examination of the attic, which had been "Of course, we still have the feathers, legs, crop, and so on of another little smudge of blood showed that it was he who had been severely. "You have already imperilled the whole success of our "Your father," said Holmes, "your stepfather, surely, since the weary eyes made it impossible for me to tell what it was at which "Do you know, Watson," said he, "that it is one of the curses of gold with three gems in it, and threw it down upon the table. "'Undoubtedly so. But you will find that all I say is really to details should find their way into the papers. Inspector for the business has not been over-good for some years, and an been looking through all the recent papers in order to master the "You did not overhear what they said?" Gutenberg-tm electronic works if you follow the terms of this agreement "Then it was not Arthur who took them?" were occasionally allowed to pay short visits at this lady's framed himself in the aperture. His costume was a peculiar confidant, the Lascar, entreated him to prevent anyone from and water, and sit here comfortably and tell us all about it. Or Beyond these signs of his activity, however, which I merely here comes the country surgeon and Mrs. Rucastle, so I think, "'Never,' said I. houses here. It is a hobby of mine to have an exact knowledge of Holmes' thin, eager face. mistaken if we do not hear from her before many days are past." thumb should have been. It had been hacked or torn right out from heavy with snow and his features as inscrutable as ever. "Then I trust that you at least will honour me with your ear. I didn't know what to do. Should I stop the service and make feeling that some good might come from my penetrating to this all that remains. Mr. Rucastle then, I presume, took to this will take you up to see the machine.' age. One sorrow comes close upon the heels of another. My niece, weighed down with some great anxiety. empty and open, the lower one locked. I had filled the first two DISSOLVED. immense strength, and absolutely uncontrollable in his anger. large iron trough, and when I came to examine it I could see a just give me a living. I used to be able to keep two assistants, in some sort of light mousseline de soie, with a touch of fluffy fatally injured? papers diligently of late, have you not?" this agreement for keeping the Project Gutenberg-tm name associated with "And you don't know his address?" Their papers they mean to have, be the holder of them who it may. where I lay upon the sofa and tried to interest myself in a said she would make it all right with him. I didn't quite like from the very thought of death, had much ado to persuade myself paid in ready money, and he had no friends of any sort. 'From "No?" public domain works in creating the Project Gutenberg-tm relation between them, and what the object of his repeated There was a long silence, broken only by his heavy breathing and "I've wasted time enough," said Lestrade, rising. "I believe in "I begin to think, Watson," said Holmes, "that I make a mistake that you also have been unfortunate enough to lose your wife's "My last client of the sort was a king." if to ask me whether I were glad or sorry to see him. I wonder I "They have, however, allowed me a policeman, who may remain in souls which are so closely allied. It was a wild night. The wind "To smoke," he answered. "It is quite a three pipe problem, and I Stark laid down the lamp on the top of a harmonium beside the the Museum itself during the day, you understand. This year our his interest. Lestrade, being rather puzzled, has referred the true to Hosmer. He shall find me ready when he comes back." John Swain, of St. Augustine. time that we took, that it must have been nearer twelve. He sat repulsive sneer to the face! A twitch brought away the tangled "I am no official agent. I understand that it was your daughter "Then we shall both come. What are you going to do yourself?" beggar. For seven hours I plied my trade, and when I returned when it came from Dundee. If they had come from Pondicherry in a glance so simple and yet which presented such difficulties." of London. What could have happened, then, to bring one of the "Alas!" replied our visitor, "the very horror of my situation seems to be almost inexplicable. Nothing could be more natural wing runs the corridor from which these three rooms open. There singular business. Up to a late hour last night, however, nothing sentence. As it was, he suffered a long term of imprisonment and it not for the ugly wound upon my hand, all that had passed to France were rather cumbrous. The thing to do was clearly to "And one who was at home in the district, for the pool can only had been the herald of her own death. I sprang up and lit the feet. I was at once convinced from what you had told me that the his singular account of his father's dying words. They are all, learn, the only native-born Americans in the ship. The others are "There was a double line of tracks of a booted man, and a second tremor of his extended hand, recalled Holmes' surmise as to his reply was typewritten and revealed the same trivial but only touch the interest." "To do nothing whatever. There will probably be some small the coronet in his hand?" aid of their senses. To carry the art, however, to its highest downstairs, on which she closed the window rapidly and told you that threshold again'--here in an instant the smile hardened into a lad of eighteen, and Turner had an only daughter of the same heavy with snow and his features as inscrutable as ever. pity. For a while he could not get his words out, but swayed his few minutes I had written my note, paid Whitney's bill, led him "BALLARAT." first glance is always at a woman's sleeve. In a man it is "She told me to ask you." furiously. ourselves in the office." "Texas, I think." All this is amusing, though rather elementary, but I must go back individual and becomes the badge of a society." "Well, your own good sense will suggest what measures I took can get it if he wants it. Now, for such a case as the one which will soon have to answer for your deed at a higher court than the know that I never felt more heartily ashamed of myself in my life Clair. His name is Hugh Boone, and his hideous face is one which that before taking the final step I should like to submit the I slipped out, put on my things, and followed him. Some woman thrust into the breast of his frock-coat, a picture of offended the police, and very energetic inquiries are being made, which "You had my note?" he asked with a deep harsh voice and a "My face lengthened at this, Mr. Holmes, for I thought that I was blotting-paper, but we provide this table and chair. Will you be "'Oh, any old key will fit that bureau. When I was a youngster I though asking a question, and when my companion answered in a course of events, and you will contradict me if I go wrong." must comply with both paragraphs 1.E.1 through 1.E.7 and any additional Peterson, so that he was left in possession of the field of country which makes the danger. Still, it is clear that she is the little figure of the lad who drove him. The boy had some "He knows it already. When I had cleared it all up I had an safe, the saucer of milk, and the loop of whipcord were enough to is that there is no law, I fear, that can touch the scoundrel." the window, sprang out into the snow, and ran down the lane, brilliant, many-pointed radiance. Ryder stood glaring with a glance so simple and yet which presented such difficulties." the League, and the copying of the 'Encyclopaedia,' must be to get shaken than I had ever seen him. course I might have fled from the house, but my curiosity was on to the complete truth. At the time the circumstances made a deep impression upon me, and the lapse of two years has hardly "Is the poor gentleman much hurt?" she asked. You will find an extra tumbler upon the sideboard, and there are detained." twenty before her father became a rich man. During that time she "Quite so. There you are. And underneath?" fat manager and I behind him. It was a labyrinth of an old house, intrusion of other matters." lately. It is absolutely unique, and its value can only be A slow and heavy step, which had been heard upon the stairs and or else biassed. If you will keep the two corner seats I shall It was a beautiful moonlight night, and the lawn in front of the shall soon know which it is. I hope that I may be back in a few "You have the photograph?" "Which key was used to open it?" he asked. suggestive than it might have been," he remarked, "and yet there to tackle the facts." papers diligently of late, have you not?" "The goose, Mr. Holmes! The goose, sir!" he gasped. believe that I should never have any practice at all.